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Q. How safe is the product around kids and pets?
A. The product Is odorless so there is no harmful smells or gases released whilst the treatment is been done. The pets are not attracted to the product in any way.

Q. Do you provide service work to businesses/home owners association?
A. Yes, once a walk around of the property has been determined we shall then work out a tailor made package to suite both parties.

Q. What areas do you cover?
A. We cover all areas throughout South Africa.

Q. Will the garden service affect the treatment?
A. The garden service will not have an effect on the treatment.

Q. Can this work be done out of hours?
A. Yes, we work around times that are suitable for yourself.

Q. Will it work with rainy conditions?
A. We don’t do treatments if it looks like rain will be present.

Q. What other pests does it kill off?
A. Specific to ants.

Q. We are having people around over the weekend will it be ok for us to sit on the lawn outside after the treatment is done?
A. Having people over for the weekend once the treatment has been done will have no effect on one’s guests.

Q. I only have a problem inside the house or even outside the house, can we arrange to only treat there?
A. Both areas to be treated, (no half jobs).

Q. Are you certified?
A. Yes, we are certified to do the treatments (AgriSeta).

Q. How long does the treatment last for?
A. 3 months (but some places have lasted 3 years!).

Q. How long does the treatment take?
A. A treatment will take 45 minutes to just over an hour to do (standard 3-4 bedroom house).

Q. Do we need to arrange for anything to be moved?
A. You don’t need to move or arrange anything before the treatment is to be done.

Q. Can you put together an affordable package to treat ones home every quarter?
A. Looking after one’s property is at the top of our service work and we will be happy to put a package together that is affordable for both parties.

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