3 major causes of rodent and pest infestations

3 major causes of rodent and pest infestations

You will know that you have a pest infestation around your property if you see an unusually large number of pests or animals around. Pests are attracted to a place for several reasons such as weather or seasonal changes, loss of habitat or food and water shortages. They have the same basic needs as humans do so they tend to appear in places where we live or fulfil our needs too.

Take a look at the common causes of pest infestations below and see if you can prevent having one:

Unorganised home

If your home is filled with clutter, some spots or areas are hard to clean. As a result, rodents and pests live and reproduce here which leads to infestation. Once a pest or rodent is present, they can bring other insects with them such as bugs and fleas. These insects will feed off the blood of humans or other animals. 

To prevent such things from happening, you must exterminate the rodents and pests at home by keeping your home clean and organised. Remove all the clutter that makes other parts of the house inaccessible and impossible to clean. Organise your home properly to avoid any health or home maintenance issues that pests and rodents bring.

In addition, pest control services also need clear areas to spray or catch rodents and pests. If your property is unorganised or cluttered, it will be difficult to access the infected areas. Moreover, the clutter will make the traps and treatment less effective. In worse cases, the pest control company may even turn you down if they think they can’t solve the infestation due to the clutter.

Neglected maintenance

One of the most common reasons why there is a pest infestation inside the home is due to neglected home maintenance. For example, termite damage is caused by inconsistent or lack of home maintenance. This is because termites live in areas that are unnoticed for years. They can eat the construction materials away and cause damage to the structure of your home.

Damaged screens or chimney caps will let birds, rodents and pests get inside your home and possibly start an infestation. You can prevent this from happening if you conduct regular home maintenance. With that, you can inspect your home for possible infestation and damages inside and out. Make sure to inspect your roof, windows, chimney, ceilings as well as outdoor and outdoor walls.

Dirty home

Spoiled food, faeces and garbage provide pests and rodents with food and materials that they can consume and use to reproduce and create nests. That is why all rooms and surfaces should be cleaned regularly to ensure that rodents and pests can’t infest your home. 

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